Simple HTML-tag leads to a drop of Windows 7

Uncorrected critical error in the 64-bit Windows 7 makes the computers vulnerable to fail with a “blue screen of death.” A memory corruption bug in Win 7 x64 can also allow to introduce malicious code into the machine at the kernel level, warned the company Secunia. Fortunately, the 32-bit OS is not susceptible to the bug was discovered(…)

Crash reports to Apple to help hackers create an exploit to jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a hot topic of the moment, as Apple has released the first device. According to the latest news, BBC, thousands of smartphone owners have joined forces with a team of hackers to help them find new ways jailbreaking smartphone software, and crackers use crash reports to Apple for unlocking devices. The team of(…)

Avira Antivirus identified themselves as spyware

Avira Antivirus on Wednesday, after a dubious signature updates was to determine the components of your application as potentially malicious. Avira Anti-Virus detects its own library file AESCRIPT.DLL as previously little-known piece of malware “TR/Spy.463227”. Questionable database file viruses AntiVir was quickly removed and replaced with a new version – – which solves the(…)

The slowdown of the site of the New York Stock Exchange – probably the work of Anonymous

Site work has slowed down in NYSE twice at noon this Monday. It was at this time in the schedule of Anonymous DDoS attack was part of the site. But the attack was weak and kept only part of the group. This reflects the confusion that reigns in the organization, in which, as they say, there is(…)

Mozilla plugin disables McAfee in Firefox

Mozilla recommends that Firefox users disable the plug-in McAfee, which your browser provider of open source blamed the large number of failures. ON ScriptScan from McAfee calls “the problem with the stability or security,” said Firefox. Software users are faced with a message indicating that the plug was “blocked for your safety.” “Users are strongly recommended(…)

Bank of America website is experiencing disruptions fourth day in a row

Bank of America site on Monday continued to suffer from failures, the fourth consecutive day, some customers say they can not use online services to check your balance or pay bills. “We apologize that some of our villages are temporarily unavailable”, – reads a message posted on the front page of one of the largest(…)

Computer error led to the release of 450 dangerous prisoners

Errors in the computer system contributed to the release from prison in California, more than 450 prisoners with a high risk of committing crimes. “ Even worse, that has been taken in attempts to recover at least one of them in jail. Inmates were randomly placed in the list of “non-revocable parole” (not subject to(…)