Cloud computing

Seven key challenges of cloud computing in government agencies

U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report on the overall program execution Cloud First, under which state agencies shall carry computing resources in a “cloud” in order to optimize workflow and reduce maintenance costs of IT-infrastructure. A notable feature of the document was made public the list drawn up by experts of the common obstacles to(…)

10 most important Open Source projects in 2011

That came to an end for another year. It’s time to step back and evaluate everything that has happened during this period. It turns out that in 2011 became a model in terms of support for open source projects. So select 10 projects have been quite difficult. But what is meant by the word “important”? Obviously, this is not(…)

IT forecast through 2016: The collapse of social networks, the decline of PC software and mass cyber-crime

In coming years, one of the main trends in the IT sector will witness cybercrime prosperity.It, in turn, will spur the “boom” of mobile applications and popularization of cloud technologies. Analyst firm Gartner has published a new report which attempts to predict trends in the IT field for years 2012-2016. That will have the greatest(…)

Salaries of IT people in the U.S. in 2012 will grow by 4.5%

In the frequent attacks and the growing popularity of cloud computing, security has become one of the most sought after areas in terms of career, wrote representatives of the recruiting company Robert Half Technology. This list shows the estimated increase in wages compared with the 2011 percentage. Salaries of IT people in general will increase by(…)

Protecting the cloud: best practices from Verizon

While cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, the need for effective security is more important than ever. In order to help businesses maintain safety standards when using the cloud, Verizon offers instructions and advice for  performance of networks and applications. Physical protection . Equipment must be located under climate control, fire prevention measures should be mandatory, as(…)

Passwords to data stored in the cloud are easy to detect using Google Code Search

Access codes and secret passwords to thousands of users of cloud services can be easily found using Google Code Search, say researchers at security. Researchers at Stach & Liu, the company’s security, which develops tools for hacking Google, first published the results of his research on cloud conference Hacker Halted, which was held in Miami last month. Currently,(…)

Hackers can capture Web services Amazon: all your clouds belong to us

Researchers have identified an error in the security web services Amazon, which enabled the hackers to take control of the system based on a cloud, and run tasks. The error, which has suffered from a cloud of Amazon EC2, and which has already been fixed, could be used, for example, to start and stop virtual(…)

Cloud service promises a 99% free from spam box

Phishing attack, which was the cause of network penetration RSA last March, showed that the mail remains the weakest link in the chain of corporate security. Even though the filtering system blocks most malicious and simply annoying messages, their own volume demonstrates the potential to be used by the attackers. Now one of the companies engaged in e-mail filtering,(…)

Is privacy possible in the cloud?

Now is a great time to become a client of the clouds. With them you can access all their digital content whenever and wherever you are located, through compatible devices with the clouds (iPad, Kindle, etc.). You can store your music collection and iCloud, you can share work and personal documents via and manage costs through(…)

VMware is promoting integration of cloud technologies and new mobile devices such as tablets

VMware is promoting integration of cloud technologies and new mobile devices such as tablets, as a way to provide universal access to post-personally-computer era of corporate information technology, where users can use any application that they want, anywhere and on any device. During his keynote at VMworld 2011 conference in Copenhagen, Chief Technology Officer Stephen(…)