PHP-GTK applications served over the Web

Run PHP-GTK applications, and serve them over the Internet, really, really interesting new alternative for running PHP-applications. GTK + user interface elements that are very rich and powerful. There is a free visual tools for creating GTK + user interface that can be used to quickly create a PHP-GTK applications that have rich user interfaces. In addition,(…)

Citrix will provide applications for all users on all devices

Citrix announced the next step in its strategy presentation Citrix CloudGateway, which collects, controls and delivers mobile applications and applications Windows, web and SaaS to any user from any device. Needs of users require IT decision-making. More and more requests come in the creation of new mobile devices and new types of cloud applications, including web,(…)

OpenStack Diablo to strengthen the power of the cloud

OpenStack , cloud operating system open source, went into the release of Diablo, the fourth version of the product. OpenStack Diablo allows users to automate and control the computer pools, storage and network resources, covering vast areas and numerous data centers, all with improved scalability, performance and networking capabilities.   Diablo adds new features in three key(…)

Bitdefender enhances safety of VMware

Bitdefender provides security product that integrates with vShield Endpoint protects virtualized systems like VMware. Bitdefender Security for Virtualised Environments operates as a virtual application is created to monitor other systems when deploying VMware. First introduced in 2010, VMware vShield Endpoint allows you to use a virtual machine monitor and protect against malicious attacks for each(…)