Cisco: Hackers from Syrian Electronic Army use third party services for attacking mass-media

According to experts, those portals whose content is generated by third parties, journalists are at greater risk of being compromised. As the recent report by researchers from Cisco, a group of hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army, most likely use services of third parties to carry out attacks on the websites of various media.(…)

In June, the Internet once again would spend the day on the transition to IPv6

As in the past year, in early June of this year, the online community will hold a so-called World IPv6 Day, when the weight of the world’s major sites will be connected to the routing protocol support for IPv6, however, in contrast to last year’s “test- drive “protocol IPv6, now the world’s portals will not(…)

Cisco announced an updated beta version of WebEx services

[amzn_multi_product_inline keyword=’cisco’ count=’1′ page=” sort=” category=”] Cisco announced a beta version of the updated service WebEx, a platform for multimedia communication and collaboration, and free access to it. The beta version of the WebEx features include file sharing, the organization of HD-video conferencing, instant messaging, as well as the status display function access subscribers, manage contact(…)

IPv6 will become the new Internet standard in June

Currently, most Internet users around the world use the fourth version of the Internet Protocol that has been virtually exhausted its possibilities. In its stead is a new development, called IPv6. And now finally, officially announced that the world’s leading providers of network equipment manufacturers and devices, and Internet companies jointly agreed to include permanent support Internet(…)

Young users are going to extreme measures for access to Internet

According to study of the worldwide Cisco, 7 out of 10 young workers often ignore the politics of IT, and one of four becomes a victim of identity theft and 30 years. The study found a striking relationship to the IT policy and the growing threats to security that represents a new generation of workers(…)

A new generation of targeted attacks

With the arrival of young professionals in the company’s experts predict changes in the Cisco security and data protection. In its annual report on the safety of the company have identified trends that suggest that college students who plan to work in large companies do not take security as seriously as their predecessors. The researchers(…)

ZeroNights: Conference Program

Talking to international security-conferences, we are often faced with the question of Russian actions. All were very surprised response: in Russia until recently there was no full-fledged conference on information security. That is why we are very happy to talk about a new conference ZeroNights, which is organized Russian community with the support of DEFCON Digital Security.(…)

OpenStack Diablo to strengthen the power of the cloud

OpenStack , cloud operating system open source, went into the release of Diablo, the fourth version of the product. OpenStack Diablo allows users to automate and control the computer pools, storage and network resources, covering vast areas and numerous data centers, all with improved scalability, performance and networking capabilities.   Diablo adds new features in three key(…)

Cisco demonstrates the importance of the Internet in everyday life

Cisco study showed that every third student and young professional thinks the Internet is as important as basic, necessary for human resources, such as air, water, food and shelter. Cisco report also revealed that more than half of respondents in the study can not live without the Internet and view it as “an integral part(…)

Anonymous claims to have access to DNS-servers of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and others

Anonymous division in Sri Lanka said on breaking DNS-server companies Symantec, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and several other organizations over the past few days. Group members say that if they wish, they can hold so-called cache poisoning attack on the DNS-server. DNS-cache snooping is a process that allows you to get a full or almost full information about(…)