Gmail Offline for Chrome supports downloading attachments

Google has announced the renewal application for Gmail Offline Chrome. The application, submitted in August last year, makes it possible to get access to your Gmail even when the Internet connection is unavailable. The user can view the latest messages, create new messages that are sent when the Internet becomes available. The new version of Gmail Offline(…)

Microsoft pointed out security flaws in Firefox and Chrome

Microsoft has introduced a website aimed at raising awareness of safety by comparing the abilities of browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome resist malware, phishing and other threats. Website Your Browser Matters gave Firefox and Chrome measly 2 and 2.5 points respectively out of 4 possible. However, try to enter the site using IE9 and you(…)

Google introduced Chrome browser extension for remote management of PCs

Google unveiled recently an extension to the browser Chrome, which allows the owner of a PC to connect to and control another computer over a network. Expansion is the name of “Remote Desktop Chrome», is in beta testing and is based on the browser as opposed to traditional software for remote control . This software is actively(…)