China deprives Internet users the right to anonymity

Residents of the state will be required to use real names when registering with Internet providers. China would force people to use their real names when registering network providers. Recall that such a policy is already in use with users of microblogging services. Such government actions have been taken in an attempt to stop spreading(…)

12 hacker gangs are behind majority of Chinese cyberattacks

Eastern European and Russian hackers mostly steal financial information, while the Chinese – mostly hunt for intellectual property or other sensitive information, according to analysts in the field of security and U.S. officials. It is also believed that the majority of attacks organized in China, may be associated with 12 specific hacking groups. These groups generally(…)

Intel looks forward to the upcoming launch of Windows 8

During the Technology Conference Credit Suisse Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini) made quite an impulsive statement. He actively campaigned against all fears, calling them myths about Intel. These myths are mainly related to the following thoughts: ARM harm the company’s PC market is dying, in the mobile market semiconductor giant can not offer anything competitive. Windows 8 on(…)

The U.S. government accuses China and Russia of cyber espionage

U.S. intelligence has confirmed that hackers of guarantee Chinese and Russian governments are actively attacking U.S. firms to intellectual property theft. The report of the National Counterintelligence U.S. administration says that government-sponsored hackers attack the company in the private sector in order to steal trade secrets and business information. Report singled out China and Russia(…)

Britain has accused Russia and China for cyber attacks

Member of the House of Lords, the special representative of British Prime Minister David Cameron on information security, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones has accused Russia and China of stealing national secrets to other countries, writes The Telegraph. Pear of England believes that Beijing and Moscow, “such action may be interested” . That statement she made ??on the(…)

China: We are not to blame

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Hong Lei, said that China has no relation to a series of hacker break-ins that occurred in 2007 and 2008. He also added, according to Reuters, that China “is itself a victim of the attack and, moreover, is a staunch opponent of any kind of cybercrime,(…)

The number of Chinese Internet users has exceeded 500 million

According to the resource Xinhuanet, the number of Chinese Internet users has exceeded 500 million This statement was made ??head of the Information Office of the State Council Wang Chen of the country (Wang Chen). Thus, the access network has about 40% of the Middle Kingdom – this is clearly above the average for all world. However,(…)

Activists ask Chinese hackers to abandon cyber-theft

Two well-known Chinese hacker posted the convention calling for the abandonment of cyber-theft, and called on their “colleagues” hackers to support them, because China is increasingly mentioned as a source of hacker attacks. Two hackers – Hong Wei and Wang Tao, published their “self-discipline Convention hacker” in the Chinese media and posted it online . Hackers have refused to(…)

The Chinese Government under cyber-siege: we are victims, not criminals

Chinese government claims that it has itself been subjected to almost 500 000 of cyber attacks last year, most of which came from the hackers in other countries. Most of the threats came from the Trojans, according to the report of the Control Center computer security in China. In a report released Tuesday by the agency(…)

Largest social network in Korea Hacked: personal data of 35 million people stolen

Unknown hackers attacked popular in South Korean internet portal and Nate social networking site Cyworld, Reuters reported citing a statement South Korea Communications Commission. As a result of hacking hackers gained access to personal information 35 millions of users, including names, phone numbers and addresses e-mail. It is reported that the scale of cyber attacks(…)