According to buyer fixes, IBM, HP and Microsoft top the list of laggards

IBM, HP and Microsoft topped the list of companies that are not released within 6 months after notification of patches from the world’s largest program to hunt for bugs. During 2011 TippingPoint, unit HP, for a total of 29 issued a report on “zero-day” vulnerabilities that are 6 months or more are not obscured by(…)

Lockheed Martin opens cyber center

The company Lockheed Martin has added an international network of laboratories, which includes facilities in the U.S. and UK cybersecurity center in Canberra. Its center of computer innovation and next generation technologies NextGen Cyber ??Innovation and Technology Centre (NCITE) is under construction.┬áIt will occupy an area of ??900 square meters.Lockheed Martin said that at the(…)

At least four CA’s hacked since June

At least four CA reported that have been hacked in recent months, according to a study conducted by the organization Electronic Frontier Foundation and raises serious questions about the technology, on which millions of Web sites rely on to ensure safety. Head of IT projects in the EFF Peter Eckersley has collected information by examining(…)