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Basic Programming Operators in Java, PHP,C, C++ and more

1. if The if statement evaluates an expression. If that expression is true, then a statement is executed. If an else clause is given and if the expression is false, then the else’s statement is executed. Syntax: if( expression ) statement1; or if( expression ) statement1; else statement2 ; Examples: if(loop<3) counter++; if(x==y) x++; else(…)

Ubuntu EducationPack 11.04

Developer Community UALinux announced the release of EducationPack 11.04 – Package add-ons to operating systems, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, based on use in education. Submitted by enthusiasts decision applies in the form of ISO-image size 2.5 GB and includes a set of specialized applications for students in lower grades, as well as secondary and higher education establishments. In addition(…)