Hackers are close to jailbreaking Sony PS Vita

Sony PS Vita appeared only in Japan, and hackers have almost completed work on a jailbreak for the portable consoles of new generation. Famous hacker SKFU full swing working on cracking Sony PS Vita. Work will soon be over, and on the new prefix you can run homebrew applications. SKFU updated his blog on Friday and(…)

Hacker published code to steal advanced banking data

Hacker posted code for a powerful attack XSS, which, as stated, goes beyond the usual cookie theft or sale of phishing to steal personal information. Cross-site scripting vulnerability (XSS) allows hackers to control the content of the vulnerable, but still a trusted site, passing critical information to cybercriminals. In addition to creating tools for popup windows(…)

Square Enix hacked again: data stolen 1.8 million accounts

Yesterday at Square Enix said that someone “may have received unauthorized access to the server of Square Enix” and disabled the customer service in Japan and the USA. Today, the company made it clear that affected some 1.8 million accounts. Company representatives said that they noticed that the unknown gained access to the server to a(…)

Anonymous “closed” PR-company Monsanto

Anonymous pleaded responsible for disabling the Washington PR firm. But the former head of the now-defunct company known as The Bivings Group, denies the allegations. Hackers deface held company website and database hacked, pulled out of it, among other things, hundreds of corporate e-mail messages. On this team, said Monday on pastebin . Attack on The Bivings Group became part(…)

Another certification authority has suspended operation after data loss

The site, owned by the Dutch CA was unavailable due to, reportedly, hackers broke through their defense and gained access to their database. Dutch telecom giant KPN issued a statement stating that the work site of its subsidiary Gemnet is temporarily suspended until the hack is investigated. Another site owned subsidiary of KPN, which issues digital(…) hacked again

A hacker by the name of D35M0ND142 argues that hacked using SQL-injection.  On pastebin hacker introduced various administrative credentials, and information databases. The stolen user names and passwords – with a blog MySql. In addition to breaking, D35M0ND142 managed to crack the system Urbinskogo University Institute in Italy and the universal language and computers in Nepal.

Anonymous stole 38 000 e-mails from one of the inspectors of the Ministry of Justice

Law enforcement agencies and private companies cooperating with the government, the highest priority targets for all the well-known hacker group Anonymous. The latter, who engaged the attackers, was Fred Baklagan, Inspector of the Ministry of Justice of California, responsible for the investigation of computer crimes. According to the report on our site Pastebin, group set to(…)

Russian hackers have destroyed equipment at the water company

Hackers destroyed the pump, which was used by the U.S. water supply, after gaining unauthorized access to the control system, control equipment, said an expert on computer security. Joe Weiss, managing partner of Applied Control Solutions, said the threat came after hackers broke into the manufacturer’s control systems and data that were used by many(…)

Finland is experiencing a wave of hacker attacks Anonymous

Finland is in the sights of hackers, activists, confirmed this Tuesday the police after a local branch of the group Anonymous found that they had been hacked about 500 000 email accounts. “All of this begins to look like a planned campaign,” – said in an interview with AFP Timo Piiroynen from the Finnish National(…)

American law makes antihakersky computer users into criminals

American antihakersky law so extended that criminalize such harmless activities as using a fake login name on Facebook or a false indication of the weight profile in, said one of the most respected authorities in the country’s law. Professor Orin Kerr of George Washington University said that he hopes that criticism will stimulate changes(…)