Crash reports to Apple to help hackers create an exploit to jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a hot topic of the moment, as Apple has released the first device. According to the latest news, BBC, thousands of smartphone owners have joined forces with a team of hackers to help them find new ways jailbreaking smartphone software, and crackers use crash reports to Apple for unlocking devices. The team of(…)

A hacker has posted personal data network 20 thousand employees of state structures U.S.

Analytical Center SecurIT Analitycs reported leakage of personal data of more than 20 thousand Americans, most of whom are employees of U.S. government agencies or their contractors. Hucker loner, hiding under the name Thehacker12 , hacked into the site of the organizing company conferences and events Stolen archive in the form of Excel-table with the credentials of users(…)

Black Hat: Scientists have created a program for reversing the smart card chip

At Black Hat hackers demonstrated a tool that can hacking software, hardwired chips are well protected – that Scientists were able to assess weaknesses in the algorithms. In the center of the release, announced on Wednesday at a security conference Black Hat, held in Las Vegas, is Degate – Developed Martin Shobertom for experts in(…)

Black Hat: cyber-attacks from the air

At the Black Hat conference, two security experts demonstrated how radio-controlled model aircraft, equipped with computer technology and 4G, was used as a hacking device which is virtually impossible to detect and which can carry out air attacks against targets which are inaccessible from the ground. Created entirely from available in hardware stores and open(…)

Encryption on military chips hacked by analyzing the power consumption

German computer specialists used powerful graphics chips on the sorting of numbers to demonstrate the possibility of an attack on the encryption mechanism in programmable chips. Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processors used in embedded systems in military and aerospace industries, are vulnerable to attacks based on an analysis of the energy consumed in the(…)

Largest social network in Korea Hacked: personal data of 35 million people stolen

Unknown hackers attacked popular in South Korean internet portal and Nate social networking site Cyworld, Reuters reported citing a statement South Korea Communications Commission. As a result of hacking hackers gained access to personal information 35 millions of users, including names, phone numbers and addresses e-mail. It is reported that the scale of cyber attacks(…)

Breaking RSA was worth $ 66 million

Exploit, purpose of which was classified information related to the product of two-factor RSA authentication called SecurID, was worth only in the second quarter parent company, EMC $ 66 million, reported the newspaper The Washington Post. Money was spent after the March RSA published a clear worded letter warning that the network of its kind(…)

Black Hat USA conference : break popular car alarm system and remote start the car by texting

Don Bailey, a researcher spent only two hours on something in order to successfully break popular system car alarm and remote start the car, sending message. Bailey, a security consultant at iSec Partners, next week on Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas plans to show video of breaking and entering car alarm system, which(…)

Pwnie Awards 2011 Nominees Announced

Today the nominees for Pwnie Awards 2011 were announced. Group Anonymous was nominated for breaking HBGary, LulzSec for unlimited hack everyone was possible. Stuxnet also nominated in the category of Epic 0wnage. Other interesting categories note bypass the sandbox in Google Chrome Best client bug, “lame answer vendor” from RSA about hacking SecurID Five (!!!)(…)

A quarter of all sites can be hacked like The Sun

Every fourth site could be compromised and they may happen that presumably members LulzSec done with the servers at News International Last week, when the site was The Sun published a fake story about Rupert Murdoch’s death. On Thursday night the hackers used LulzSec PHP-injection (RFI) on caretaker-end server where the domain was placed ‘’.(…)