McAfee – Types and number of cyber threats at the end of last year

According to the report, attackers changed the scope and improved types used by malicious software. McAfee has presented a report on the threats «Threats Report: Fourth Quarter 2012“, in which the experts noted a change in behavior in the choice of cyber criminals and malware. According to the report, attackers stopped their focus on the(…)

Polish sources CERT found fake P2P-traffic

A large number of sources of P2P-wheeled traffic are located in Russia, Canada, China, Australia and the USA. The experts of the Polish teams to respond quickly to cyber threats (Computer Emergency Response Team, Cert) found in the source of malicious network P2P-traffic, which appears to users as the most downloaded user torrent trackers files.(…)

Trojan.Spambot.11349 steals accounts from mail clients

The company “Doctor Web”, a Russian developer of IT security, according to the propagation of malware Trojan.Spambot.11349, which has a very interesting algorithm behavior. The danger of this Trojan to users is that it is able to steal the accounts from e-mail clients (eg, Microsoft Outlook and The Bat!), and send malicious data, using Autofill Forms(…)

Banking Trojans Cridex/Dapato infects through WordPress-site

In late January, security experts from the M86 Security Labs discovered a mass infection of hundreds of sites on the engine, WordPress 3.2.1. Then it was reported that by using a known vulnerability outdated version of WordPress, and has published his exploits, attackers are adopting a victim in a folder Uploads an HTML file with a redirect to(…)

Trojan Citadel – for buyers frustrated Zeus

In some hacker forums Zeus Trojan buyers have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that the developers stopped supporting the product frost correct holes found in botnets. To help frustrated users are ready to come to the authors of a new variant called Zues Citadel. They position it not just as a Trojan and botnet, and a(…)

Microsoft settles lawsuit against the alleged botnet hoster

In Microsoft last week announced that the Czech provider of free domain agreed to take measures for the activities of a botnet that uses its subdomains. This is part of the settlement of the claim that the giant has filed in September, demanding close botnet Kelihos. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Virginia, was listed(…)

Creating botnets is getting cheaper and easier

Laboratory Specialists of G Data Security Labs discovered a clandestine sale of our networks of remotely controlled by hackers computers – so-called bots, which in the case of activation may cause massive wave of malicious code across the Internet. The so-called boat-designer Aldi Bot appeared in late August at a price of 10 euros. Part of(…)

Botnets are growing on Android

The number of infected devices with Google Android, actively interacting with the command and control server (C & C), increased significantly in recent months and is expected to increase this figure, according to a report released last week by Damballa. During the first half of 2011 sensor network Damballa found in North America approximately 40(…)

ZeuS source code was leaked

Source code of the latest version of  ZeuS leaked on Internet, giving each a set of tools for the generation of malware programs, which typically sells for $ 10,000. Full source code is available, at least at three different locations that ensures continued access to him of the masses, said Peter Cruz researcher at the(…)