Microsoft defused another botnet

Armed with a court order, the corporation held a series of raids. Employees of Microsoft Corporation ceased to operate another botnet. As reported by The New York Times, Friday, March 23, lawyers and technical experts Corporation, armed with a court order, visited the two office buildings in the U.S. states of Illinois and Pennsylvania. The(…)

Zeus is updated in the style of P2P, each bot is nginx

Researchers at Symantec have discovered that a new version of the Zeus / SpyEye ordinary bots can act as a command server . This will greatly complicate the neutralization of the botnet, as the main method used to neutralize the network is infectedGOVERNMENTAL computer was locked C & C-or server failover with the dummy C & C-server. In addition,(…)

Infected HTML-spam from botnet Cutwall

Specialists M86 Security Labs discovered who was behind the growth of spam with malicious HTML-attachment, which was celebrated in the early days of 2012. Was convicted botnet Cutwall . Previously, HTML-letter mostly used for phishing, but since January this year began sending periodic attacks of HTML-documents containing malicious script. On the side of the mail client, it looks like. This illustration(…)

Trojan «Gameover»

Researchers believe that attackers have paid the developer for creating a private version of the famous Trojan. According to the company’s senior researcher Don Jackson Dell SecureWorks (Don Jackson), a trojan«Gameover», created from source Zeus, is only a preliminary version of an even more dangerous virus. «Gameover is the latest and the best package of source code(…)

Hackers stole money from clients AT & T and financed terrorist acts

Hackers break into computer systems of the U.S. company AT & T, were arrested in the Philippines, Philippine police arrested Staff of 4 people involved in the hacking accounts of business customers of AT & T in the U.S.. Designed by hackers a fraudulent scheme allows attackers to steal funds to help finance terrorist attacks(…)

Microsoft settles lawsuit against the alleged botnet hoster

In Microsoft last week announced that the Czech provider of free domain agreed to take measures for the activities of a botnet that uses its subdomains. This is part of the settlement of the claim that the giant has filed in September, demanding close botnet Kelihos. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Virginia, was listed(…)

Microsoft has closed another botnet

Microsoft said it has dealt another death blow – this time on a botnet Kelihos, who stole the confidential information stored on infected computers and could send about 4 billion spam messages per day. Elimination has been achieved partly thanks to a secret court order to close down 21 Internet addresses, including The trial was(…)

Microsoft asked FBI for help in tracking down network organizer of Rustock

Microsoft lawyers have won the final victory over holders of one of the world’s largest spam resources after they won their case, the company gained control of servers and IP-based network Rustock. The right of ownership over the equipment was transferred to Microsoft’s earlier this month after a federal judge in Washington state summarily ruled(…)

Botnets are growing on Android

The number of infected devices with Google Android, actively interacting with the command and control server (C & C), increased significantly in recent months and is expected to increase this figure, according to a report released last week by Damballa. During the first half of 2011 sensor network Damballa found in North America approximately 40(…)

McAfee: haktivizm, the evolution of mobile attacks and improvement of malware

McAfee proclaimed haktivizm, the evolution in the world of mobile attacks and the continuing development of malicious programs the main trends in security over the past three months. Dedicated to report threats of McAfee for the second quarter of 2011 reveals the problem that security experts described as “chaos and confusion” after a hacker groups(…)