BlackBerry offers the use of conditional knock to unlock phones

It took six years of  Research in Motion (RIM), to obtain a patent for an ingenious interface innovation. Back in 2006, the company Research in Motion has filed a patent application describing a new way to unlock the phone. Instead of consuming the password, you can just tap your finger on the back of the device and the(…)

How to remove Carrier IQ from Android, Blackberry and iPhone

It is still not 100% cleared up the situation with who and for what purposes the use of Carrier IQ smartphone users, but all holders of platforms iOS, Android, and now the Blackberry can be manually removed from the mobile’s built-in friend a tracking system. Harvesting Carrier IQ with iPhone: According to Apple, the majority of smartphones on(…)

RIM “drowning,” advised investors to sell mobile unit

RIM has released the results of its operations for the fiscal quarter III, after which the value of the stock manufacturer BlackBerry has fallen by 7%. The fall of 2011, revenues amounted to Canadian corporation $ 5.2 billion, up 6% less than in the corresponding period last year. RIM net profit for the year decreased to three and(…)

iPhone has grown to BlackBerry

Here comes the time that each user is waiting for BlackBerry from the output of the first iPhone. In iOS 5 there will be an interesting supplement to the Messaging applicaiton. Module called iMessage will provide an opportunity to chat to owners of the two devices running iOS. It does not matter which ones of(…)

The Blackberry Book

Speed up blackberry 1. Space has always been a problem with the older BBs. Go to Options>Status & see the amount of free memory. Typically, this should be at least 100MB on modern Bbs or at least 20MB on older ones. It’s displayed in bytes, so 100MB is displayed as 102400000 bytes 2. If you(…)