Black Hat

A former member of Anonymous: problem in humans

Anonymous is a rather strange organization in the sense that it is not really organized.¬†Of course, she is internationally recognized as “haktivist” network (as its members call themselves), which is involved in the protests around the world and penetrates into the websites and databases of corporations and government agencies. But the unity of its members(…)

Black Hat: DARPA wants to connect to the hacker governmental projects

One of the DARPA project manager Peter Zatko asked Black Hat community with a government program aimed at small security firm. Zatko, better known by the nickname “Mudge”, said the project Darpa RA 11-52 Cyber ??Fast Track will provide funding for the hacker community and small specialized firms security, working on government defense projects. Mudge(…)

Black Hat: Scientists have created a program for reversing the smart card chip

At Black Hat hackers demonstrated a tool that can hacking software, hardwired chips are well protected – that Scientists were able to assess weaknesses in the algorithms. In the center of the release, announced on Wednesday at a security conference Black Hat, held in Las Vegas, is Degate – Developed Martin Shobertom for experts in(…)

Black Hat: cyber-attacks from the air

At the Black Hat conference, two security experts demonstrated how radio-controlled model aircraft, equipped with computer technology and 4G, was used as a hacking device which is virtually impossible to detect and which can carry out air attacks against targets which are inaccessible from the ground. Created entirely from available in hardware stores and open(…)

Black Hat USA conference : break popular car alarm system and remote start the car by texting

Don Bailey, a researcher spent only two hours on something in order to successfully break popular system car alarm and remote start the car, sending message. Bailey, a security consultant at iSec Partners, next week on Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas plans to show video of breaking and entering car alarm system, which(…)