Hacking servers of BitTorrent and uTorrent – source code leak

Hacker MentaL revealed details of the story, which nearly resulted in the release of the source code BitTorrent, as well as documents of BitTorrent Inc., Including financial records. In May 2013 MentaL got full access to company servers of BitTorrent. Examining the contents of the servers and making a copy of the source code, he(…)

Hollywood film company employees convicted of piracy

Staff of Hollywood studios found using torrents at work to download pirated copies of movies, games, and other materials. This was December 25 edition reported by TorrentFreak. The analysis was performed using the service ScanEye, showing downloading any materials produced from a particular IP-address. TorrentFreak discovered that addresses the involvement of  major filmmakers in exchange(…)

Skype: I know where you are

Scientists have developed a discreet and inexpensive way to track the IP-addresses of tens of thousands of Skype users, and linking this information with their online activities such as sharing files via BitTorrent. The method, which is presented in a recently published scientific article works even when users set up their accounts on Skype to(…)

IPv6: the new protocol – the problem of old

Experts have reported a sharp increase in the number of network attacks that use known vulnerabilities protocol IPv6, addressing the new generation model, which is now introduced around the Internet space. IPv6 is the replacement of the main communications of the Internet Protocol, known as IPv4. Salient Federal Solutions Company announces the actual cases of network(…)