Protocol flaw could paralyze Bitcoin system

Scientists say they have discovered a fundamental vulnerability in the e-currency Bitcoin, which could, ultimately stop its development, if the developers changed the principle of encouraging users. A decentralized system Bitcoin uses public key cryptography and network peering for a full registration of the owner of e-currency. When, for example, Alice pays Bob 50 coins, it(…)

Resources infected Macs used to create Bitcoin

Security researchers discovered the virus penetrated the Macy’s buyout in order to illegally create digital currency Bitcoin. Trojan DevilRobber.A can be found on the portal The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent trackers, where he was introduced to the graphics editor Graphic Converter for Mac OS X, written in his blog, the researchers Sophos. Like the previous(…)

BitCoin forum hacked

The hacker used a 0-day vulnerability to steal email addresses and hashes of users, as well as to read personal messages on the forum Forum administrators reported that the attacker has root-access and was able to execute arbitrary PHP-Code. The attacker gained access on 3 September and was not discovered until long as not(…)