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Bing test a new interface on SERPs

As informs this edition of Search Engine Land, Search Engine Bing began testing a new page design with the results of issue. According to the editorial offices, the new interface SERP – a sleek, fresh and well structured. The main changes are the following: the new interface removed the vertical tabs expanded both the upper and lower search string; changed(…)

XSS in

Juan Sacco (runlvl) of Insecurity Research Labs discovered the vulnerability on the site, due to improper validation of data submitted by the user can execute arbitrary code in the browser the visitor. Vulnerable link

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo unite to work together over the means of marking

The three largest search engines on the Internet together to develop platform to improve search results. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo together working – Project on distribution markup in Web pages. Companies are hoping that the project will provide developers information to better use of marking schemes that allow search engines to extract data from(…)