Banking Trojans Cridex/Dapato infects through WordPress-site

In late January, security experts from the M86 Security Labs discovered a mass infection of hundreds of sites on the engine, WordPress 3.2.1. Then it was reported that by using a known vulnerability outdated version of WordPress, and has published his exploits, attackers are adopting a victim in a folder Uploads an HTML file with a redirect to(…)

Hacker published code to steal advanced banking data

Hacker posted code for a powerful attack XSS, which, as stated, goes beyond the usual cookie theft or sale of phishing to steal personal information. Cross-site scripting vulnerability (XSS) allows hackers to control the content of the vulnerable, but still a trusted site, passing critical information to cybercriminals. In addition to creating tools for popup windows(…)

Bank has adopted “data warehouse security”

Zions Bancorporation has deployed a massive repository for proactive analysis in real-time data protection and business data to detect phishing attacks, fraud prevention and reflect the underlying intrusion (APT). “This system allows you to start using different types of events around the organization, such as patterns of behavior in the network”, – said Preston Wood,(…)

Banker Trojans learn to cheat out of band security

While financial institutions are taking on new equipment protection, hackers have time to adapt to it. In 2007, researchers found a trojan that can monitor and record key press on the computer, focusing thus on bank sites and steal money from accounts. Following his growing success, the famous Trojan Zeus quickly adapted to many systems of(…)

XSS on American Express site

Vulnerability in the American Express website exposing customers at serious risk of security before a giant in the field of credit cards has blocked part of the site on Thursday afternoon. The researcher Niklas Femerstrand said the problem arose because of the debug-mode, which for unknown reasons, he worked site It provides access to vulnerable(…)

13 cybercriminals using Zeus Trojan convicted in Britain

British gang of cybercriminals of 13, which was part of an international scheme, engaged in online bank robbery, caught after the theft of £ 3 million accounts with companies and individuals. London police acted in a press statement, which said that the last of the thirteen accused persons convicted and jailed for two years. Karina(…)

Bank of America website is experiencing disruptions fourth day in a row

Bank of America site on Monday continued to suffer from failures, the fourth consecutive day, some customers say they can not use online services to check your balance or pay bills. “We apologize that some of our villages are temporarily unavailable”, – reads a message posted on the front page of one of the largest(…)

Banks block more and more illegal money transfers

Cybercriminals are increasingly choosing their bank accounts to. But the banks seem to be able to better prevent fraud, before the stolen funds would leave the financial institution. Center for analysis and exchange of information between financial services (FS-ISAC) conducted a survey of 77 financial institutions on the subject: how many burglaries of commercial accounts have(…)

Australian banks have canceled 10,000 credit cards

The Australian banking system was struck by a mysterious security breach that caused the Friday immediately cancel more than 10 000 cards. Two banks – Commonwealth Bank and St George Bank have notified their customers via SMS, informing them that the card will be invalidated under the precautionary approach. Commonwealth Bank made a statement that(…)