ARM: Android-smartphones and tablets to cost $100

According to the Executive Director of ARM Dipesh Patel, the price remains the main obstacle holding back the growth in popularity of tablets and smartphones running Android. «Should offer more affordable device,” – says Patel. “Only five out of the seven billion people living on Earth have cell phones, and only a billion – smartphones,”(…)

Optical Gaming Mouse ZOWIE GEAR AM

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UEFI: a long-awaited successor to the BIOS and Linux sworn friend

To replace the old as the computer world, the BIOS comes something completely new called UEFI.Unfortunately, apart from the masses of useful innovations, UEFI will bring with it many problems. Thus, it is possible that in the next year to install some Linux distributions on the new computers will be simply impossible … Developed over thirty(…)

ARM and UMC expanded partnership in a 28-nm production

United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) announced that its existing partnership with the British developer of chip company ARM is now distributed in 28-nm solutions. Pilot production of chips in compliance with the 28-nm process technology will HPM-UMC at the facilities in mid-2012. The new agreement provides customers with access to the UMC chip production in compliance with the ARM(…)

Adobe: Flash will thrive inspite of Windows 8

Adobe has stated that even though Microsoft’s decision to the lack of Flash support in the Metro-version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 8, it will continue the development of technology – a desktop version of the browser IE10 will continue to support Flash. In addition, the company reported that it is working on a version of(…)

Innovation Qualcomm Istanbul 2011: All Quiet on the ARM

September 14 in Istanbul hosted the conference Innovation Qualcomm Istanbul 2011. Guide Qualcomm, the manufacturer of various solutions based on the architecture ARM, has decided to share with journalists from around the world their vision of mobile platforms and network devices, as well as to demonstrate the finished products that use chips company. President and CEO(…)

Windows Developer Preview 8 downloaded 500 thousand times in 12 hours

Windows Developer Preview 8 is now available for download . Today it became known that the operating system version predreliznogo redmondtsev 12 hours downloaded by more than 500 thousand users. Such statistics may surprise many users, especially when you consider that the release of Windows Developer Preview 8 is nowhere PR, as opposed to running Mac OS X Lion,(…)