USPTO has recognized a key Apple patent invalid

The verdict of the jury, have recognized Samsung in violation of a number of patents of Apple, in connection with which it will have to reimburse the American company for damages of more than $1 billion, is increasingly questioned, since it is the second patent as those identified in this lawsuit, according to the preliminary(…)

Facebook, Apple and Twitter were charged with illegally accessing personal information of users of smartphones

Facebook, Apple, Twitter and 15 other companies sued for distributing mobile applications to steal data from address books  of smartphone users. According to PC World, a group of 13 people filed a lawsuit in district court in Texas, where 18 companies accused of illegally accessing information, address books smartphone users. Among these companies are located(…)

Website of the Vatican hacked

The hacker group Anonymous March 7 knocked out the official site of the Vatican. It is reported by Agence France Presse- . In the corresponding address to the representatives of the Vatican clergy hackers said that the attack was “a response to the absurd and anachronistic concept that your organization exists for the sake of profit, spreads around the world.” Representatives(…)

App Store users have downloaded more than 25 billion apps

Number of downloads applications from the App Store has exceeded 25 billion, reported on the website of Apple. This figure Apple has managed to achieve over three and a half years of existence, the store of mobile applications for iOS. On reaching one billion downloads became known in late April 2009, after 9 months after the service. About 10(…)

Hackers infiltrated the computer system of the company Foxconn

As a result of hacking, hackers have published an e-mail credentials to employees. February 8, 2012 a group of hackers Swagg Security infiltrated the computer system and stole Foxconn’s credentials by e-mail accounts of some employees. In addition, hackers also managed to get the credentials of employees, which were used in the company’s intranet. All(…)

Jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1

The hacker group Chronic Dev Team released an update toolkit GreenPois0n, finally incorporating the jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1. This is a welcome update, which for many months waiting for the owners of devices Apple. Latest version of the iPad and iPhone was incredibly difficult to crack, this honestly members GreenPois0n. Well,(…)

iPad3 will be on sale in March – Bloomberg

The revolutionary tablet iPad3 will be available in March. Production of new U.S. company Apple has already started in the factories of Chinese companies’ Fokskonn “working around the clock. This was reported on Friday, business news agency Bloomberg. With reference to three separate sources, it gives some options iPad3. It features a display with higher resolution, quad-core CPU(…)

Google could start issuing processors

Google can learn from Apple and start producing mobile CPUs under its own trademark, reports Android Invasion referring to the programmer to Google. According to the resource, the company currently is working on his first application processors and graphics cards. Creating their own chips, in other words, taking the development of hardware into their own(…)

Apple patents laptop that will run for weeks

Apple offers laptops equipped with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Engineers argue that such a system would allow the computer to work days and even weeks without refueling. Apple had an interest in renewable energy. This is evidenced by two new patent applications. Applications were filed in 2010 and published by the U.S. Patent Office yesterday, December 22. In(…)

HTC phones based on Android banned in the U.S. from next year

Apple has just won a major victory in the trial of HTC, which can make HTC stop selling its devices based on Android in the U.S.. U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that HTC violates their patent Apple devices based on Android c 1.6 to 2.2. Among the devices, sales of which may be banned in the(…)