Anonymous stole 38 000 e-mails from one of the inspectors of the Ministry of Justice

Law enforcement agencies and private companies cooperating with the government, the highest priority targets for all the well-known hacker group Anonymous. The latter, who engaged the attackers, was Fred Baklagan, Inspector of the Ministry of Justice of California, responsible for the investigation of computer crimes. According to the report on our site Pastebin, group set to(…)

Finland is experiencing a wave of hacker attacks Anonymous

Finland is in the sights of hackers, activists, confirmed this Tuesday the police after a local branch of the group Anonymous found that they had been hacked about 500 000 email accounts. “All of this begins to look like a planned campaign,” – said in an interview with AFP Timo Piiroynen from the Finnish National(…)

“Operation Disconnect Brotherhood”: some sites put out by Anonymous

Anonymous group hacked websites of Muslim Brotherhood. The group issued a statement on Tuesday, they threatened to “Operation Disconnect Brotherhood” on all sites of the Brotherhood at 20:00 on Friday, November 11. According to the video, they laid out on youtube, they argue that: As of 2:24 EST North does not work. As of 2:26(…)

Government sites are blocked after Israeli threats to Anonymous

Sites of the IDF (IDF) and Shin Bet security services and “Mossad”, November 6, suspended operations. Shortly before the threats to attack Israel’s government websites were hackers from the group Anonymous. November 4 Internet activists responded to the Israeli commandos intercepted another “Freedom Flotilla” and published in YouTube appeal to the Israeli authorities. Hackers claimed that recognize Palestine as(…)

Mexican drug cartel has decided to punish hackers from Anonymous

Mexican drug cartel Zetas, the address to which the threat came from the representatives of associations of hacker Anonymous, deploying its own network of computer experts.It is reported by a private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor. Representatives of the agencies believe that the drug cartel intends to evaluate the participants Anonymous, involved received threats. In this(…)

Anonymous Hackers took over Mexican drug cartel

Hackers Anonymous Group entered into a squabble with one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world, the Mexican cartel Los Zetas. Proving that Anonymous is not a simple PC users, they not only warned of the possibility of publishing the names of participants, but have begun to implement plans. Anonymous Hackers offer Mexican cartels(…)

Anonymous hackers have begun to fight child pornography

The hacker group Anonymous, known cyber attacks on websites of major corporations and governments around the world, began to fight the spread of child pornography on the Internet, the newspaper The Telegraph citing a statement by hackers. Hackers claimed responsibility for hacking and blocking more than 40 sites, spreading, According to them, child pornography. “Among them –(…)

Anonymous hackers, hacked site with child pornography

Members of the team hacktivists Anonymous claimed responsibility for the disabling of the underground site with child pornography and the publication of a list of its members. These accounts 1589 members of the Lolita City have been published as part of Operation Anonymous Operation Darknet, which is the fight against abuse and perversion of pedophiles(…)

Hacker-activists increasingly pose a threat to the industry

Members of the group Anonymous hackers are increasingly interested in industrial control systems, which are used for automated equipment in factories, power plants, water treatment plants and other critical facilities for national security, warned the National Security Ministry last month. In a memorandum sent out on partners involved in security operations and critical infrastructure protection,(…)

Members of Anonymous – housewives, students and professionals in the field of security

The members of the notorious hacker group Anonymous – from housewives to professionals in the field of information security, says a group of security experts, which states that entered the group. Speaking to the press at the RSA Conference Europe, Joshua Corman, director of Akamai Information Security, said the group has a wide range of(…)