Anonymous found informer in their ranks

The hacker group Anonymous blog of Spanish-language movement delivered a statement about past arrests in late February, 25 members of the group. In a statement stating that the police and Interpol to apprehend hackers due to the introduction to the group. “Of course, we know the details of the arrests, and we know used [law enforcement] strategy, and(…)

25 members of hacker group Anonymous arrested

Police in South America and Europe has carried out the arrest of 25 members of the hacker group Anonymous. Interpol held an international co-operation with law enforcement agencies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain to detain members of the hacker group Anonymous. During a successful operation had been detained 25 suspected of involvement in the(…)

U.S. fears of hacker attacks on the national power grid by Anonymous

U.S. officials suspected of intending to attack Anonymous energy system. U.S. authorities fear that Anonymous will bring down the energy system of the country in a year or two. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, quoting the head of U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), General Keith Alexander (Keith Alexander). The reason for this(…)

Attack on the DNS-infrastructure of the Internet on March 31

Anonymous or just someone under the “anonymous” has published the announcement of “Operation Global blackout” (#opGlobalBlackout). According to the text, March 31, planned the attack on the global distributed 13 root DNS-servers, they are listed below. A B C D E F G H I J K…)

Anonymous began to fight with the government of Bahrain

Anonymous announced their intention to attack a number of government websites Bahrain, dedicating his actions anniversary of the revolution in the state. Representatives of the hacker group Anonymous began to fight against the government of Bahrain. This is shown placed on the service Pastebin message, in which Anonymous announced their intention to attack a number(…)

Hacker from Anonymous has claimed responsibility for DDoS-attacks on the United Russia party sites

Russian-speaking representative of Anonymous, did not reveal his identity, told reporters on his activities. RIA Novosti news agency interviewed one of the representatives of the Russian hacker movement Anonymous. The interviewer told the website of his motives, and took responsibility for the attack on the Russian government resources. As the user social network Twitter under the name  @ LegionRussia ,(…)

Anonymous knocked out another site “United Russia”

At this time the attack was targeted by hackers on the web-site of the Moscow regional branch of the regional party “United Russia”. Participants in the hacker group Anonymous have carried out an attack on the site of the Moscow regional branch of the regional party “United Russia”. Notice of hackers attacked the website posted(…)

Anonymous Russia continue to publish archives of “corrupt officials and bloggers”

The Russian wing of the international hacker group Anonumous previously published data on the correspondence management movement “Nashi”, continued the publication of archives resulting from hacking the Russian political leadership as well as under his control organizations and movements. So, on the eve Anonymous Russia posted on the Internet 2-gigabyte archive of correspondence closed the pro-Kremlin(…)

Anonymous attacked government sites in Ireland

Discussion of anti-piracy laws prompted the Irish government attacks on a number of government departments. According to HelpNetSecurity, in connection with the forthcoming discussion of the new legislation in Ireland in the protection of intellectual property rights that are violated by file-sharing services, the hacker group Anonymous has carried out a series of attacks on web-site(…)

Members are calling for a boycott of Twitter, a group of supporters of Anonymous Attacks ACTA

In response to a number of recent “anti-social” initiatives Twitter, the microblogging network users is called for a boycott of the resource. Recall that on Friday Twitter announced the introduction of a system of partial blocking of Internet content for users from certain countries, and before that the network refused to support the protests of his(…)