Armenian hackers publish papers to protest against the killing of Aslan Usoyana

Activists have published confidential information of Sumato Energy and the Special State Protection Service, as well as many businesses. Arachne hacker organization that associates itself with Anonymous, published a large number of documents related to the company Sumato Energy and its director Metin Talishli. The published documents also include that of a special state security(…)

“Anonymous” attacked websites of Israel in protest against the operation in Gaza

“Anonymous” attacked Israeli websites on Friday in protest against the operation of the armed forces of this country in the Gaza Strip. This is stated in the statement of representatives of the organized group. A series of cyber attacks for a time knocked out a number of Israeli websites, on other Internet pages display messages(…)

Anonymous attacked Grand Prix, “Formula 1” in Canada

Hackers came out in support of students protesting against a sharp rise in the country of tuition fees. The hacker group Anonymous has decided to support Canadian students who oppose the increase to pay for his studies of more than 80%. Hackers said to support the protesters attacked sites “Formula 1”, starting from June 7(…)

ICANN: A group of Anonymous should be taken seriously

Vice President Jeff Moss, a hacker group called pretty dangerous future of civil disobedience. Vice President of ICANN’s Security, Jeff Moss said that the hacker group Anonymous can not be underestimated. Source: According to RIA Novosti, Moss called Anonymous a serious organization that can hold a large number of successful cyber attacks. He noted that(…)

Hackers managed to disrupt the correct operation of CIA site

Representatives of the CIA did not confirm information about the attack. Participants of hacker group UGnazi claim that they were able to disrupt the correct operation of the site of CIA. This they have in their account in the microblogging service Twitter. “Site of the CIA put out of action,” – said the hackers. April(…)

MalSec: A new group within the Anonymous

Announced a new hacker group Malicious Security (MalSec), which is going to deal with censorship on the Internet, but it promises to be more accurate with its methods. The innocent should not suffer from the actions of hacktivists. Anonymous – it is a decentralized movement without hierarchy and expressed structure, but within it there are some individual groups,(…)

Website of the Vatican hacked

The hacker group Anonymous March 7 knocked out the official site of the Vatican. It is reported by Agence France Presse- . In the corresponding address to the representatives of the Vatican clergy hackers said that the attack was “a response to the absurd and anachronistic concept that your organization exists for the sake of profit, spreads around the world.” Representatives(…)

Law enforcement agencies have detained leaders of Lulz Security

The detention was made on the basis of evidence provided to the authorities that the head of Lulz Security, a few months of secretly working for the government. According to Fox News, March 6 the police detained several members of the hacker group Lulz Security. Three members were arrested and two people were charged in(…)

In the low-orbit ion cannon Anonymous embedded trojan

Trojan steals banking information, e-mail credentials, as well as cookie-files of users who install the supplied Tool Anonymous. As reported by Symantec, users who have installed on their computers, “low-orbit ion cannon” (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), an additional victims of the Trojan. The tool allows users to DDoS-attacks, however, that his work was not limited. The(…)

Anonymous knocked out the site in response to the Interpol arrest

Hackers of the Anonymous movement brought down the site in response to the Interpol for the arrest of members of the group.The report was published about the attack on the night of February 29, Moscow time, in one of the micro- movements. Edition of Forbes notes that the site of the International Office has undergone DDoS-attack and(…)