Google stubbornly remained silent on the identified vulnerabilities on Android platform

Already a month has passed from the time when independent experts said the two obvious flaws in Android platform , but no information on when the errors will be eliminated. The first error gives developers the ability to set criminals on your device without permission from users.To confirm the vulnerability in practice research Dmitry Oberheyd introduced in the(…)

HTC Android-smartphone HTC Raider 4G

HTC has announced a smartphone in South Korea Raider 4G, already had time to light up in the web under the name HTC Holiday. This is the fourth smartphone South Korean company, whose display has a resolution of qHD (960 x 540 pixels). Unlike the other three devices (Evo 3D, Sensation and Sensation XE), equipped with a(…)

Vulnerability in Android allow attackers to install malicious software

It has been over a month since then, the researchers reported two serious vulnerabilities in the security system Android, but until there are no data, when they will be corrected in the operating system created by Google, which is the world’s most popular platform for smartphones. The first vulnerability allows applications to install without your(…)

Google attempts to defend their interests in court against Oracle practically failed.

Google attempts to defend their interests in court against Oracle practically failed. The lawsuit relates to the use of Java technology in mobile operating system Android. According to the decision, which took Judge William Olsap, all appeals filed by Google in response to a lawsuit, but one was rejected. , Only one appeal, which deals with file(…)

Android overtake iOS by downloading applications in 2011

According to research firm Ovum, it is expected that this year will surpass the Android Apple applications on the number of downloads from its online stores, as demand for applications continues to grow. Report Company Mobile Application Download and Revenue Forecast: 2011-16 predicts that Android users will download apps 8.1 billion during 2011, compared with 1.4 billion(…)

New free software simplifies the analysis of malicious attacks on Android

Two graduate students, responding to concern about possible attacks high on the platform Android, wrote a special program for the analysis of malicious code. The Honeynet Project has helped to create two tools aimed at making the analysis of malicious attacks on Android free and easier – and, ultimately, to help better protect are extremely popular(…)

Mozilla Firefox for tablets unveiled

Mozilla unveiled the first review of the Firefox web browser for tablets. The company described the new product in the blog as “the evolution of its predecessor for phones with added enhancements that take advantage of a larger tablet screen.” From what we can see (it should be recognized, not much at this stage), develops(…)

Free version of Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security Lite – a free application designed to protect smartphones from malicious software – is now available in Android store. Norton Mobile Security Lite includes a feature of anti-theft and protects against the introduction of malicious software (anti-malware). Anti-theft provides the ability to remotely identify the location of the smartphone to lock and erase(…)

Android would overtake Apple in the market of tablets by 2015

The dominance of Apple tablet in the market will continue over the next four years – up until it finally catches up with Android her say researchers. Report Informa Telecoms and Media says that the Android operating system will seriously attack on iOS by 2013 and eventually equals the Apple in 2015, and then a(…)

Malicious program DroidKungFu found on the Android platform

Computer researchers warn users of Android on another malicious campaign to this platform. At this time, the program managed to bypass traditional anti-virus filters. Researchers from the University of North Carolina have revealed at least two applications, malware infected DroidKungFu, in eight of Chinese shops and forums. This malicious program is largely due to Android(…)