Android Market

The victims of large-scale attack on the Android Market have at least 1 million users

Some of the applications affected by virus writers, are still available for download. According to experts from the anti-virus company Symantec, as a result of the largest in the history of attacks on mobile applications store Android Market, were infected with 1-5 million mobile device users.This indicator is calculated from the total number of downloads of applications. As explained(…)

McAfee has released a software Mobile Security 2.0

Antivirus, McAfee today announced the release of the software Mobile Security 2.0, allowing users to better Android-track their applications on smartphones and tablets, as well as to more effectively monitor and protect their data. As McAfee says that today’s weakest link is its Android open and loyal policy placement programs in the Android Market, this is(…)

Biggest malware campaign on Android market

Symantec has reported the discovery of the largest malicious campaign against users of the operating system Android. It is estimated Symantec, more than 5 million users downloaded to their mobile devices infected with the application of the Google Android Market. New malicious code called Android.Counterclank was placed in 13 different applications from different publishers and was(…)

Malicious applications again waded in Android Market

Google’s security team removed at least a dozen games for smartphones with Android Market, after it was discovered that they contained a secret code, for which the owners of phones had to pay dearly for text messages that were sent to premium numbers. Malicious applications that are uploaded to the Google service developer Logastrod, disguised(…)

McAfee: Apple iOS system safer than Android

Antivirus company McAfee, in his latest report says that while mobile operating system Apple iOS better resists malicious code, rather than system Android. Although there are threats for the first and the second operating system. Antivirus company claims that Apple has made ??great strides in protecting their devices. McAfee said that as of today not a single(…)

Free antivirus software for Android failed tests

Many free anti-virus software can not provide sufficiently effective protection of smartphones running the Android platform by introducing thereby user confusion about the safety of their devices. Tests conducted by the laboratory, showed that the best free anti-virus for Android, Zoner Antivirus, found 32% of the 160 latest threats. The remaining six free antivirus programs(…)

Google stubbornly remained silent on the identified vulnerabilities on Android platform

Already a month has passed from the time when independent experts said the two obvious flaws in Android platform , but no information on when the errors will be eliminated. The first error gives developers the ability to set criminals on your device without permission from users.To confirm the vulnerability in practice research Dmitry Oberheyd introduced in the(…)

Mobile Security Personal Edition from Trend Micro for Android

The company Trend Micro announced the release of the new solution Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition, designed to protect against Internet threats smartphones and tablet PCs based on the OS Android. It consists of a scanner to detect malicious applications, parental control, search and protection of stolen and lost devices, as well as tools to ensure the(…)