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New Android-Trojan capable of DDoS-attacks

Trojan Android.DDoS.1.origin is capable of DDoS-attacks on various internet resources and can send text messages to the team attacks, says the antivirus company “Doctor Web”. Once installed on the mobile Android-device, the Trojan creates Android.DDoS.1.origin application icon, with the same icon of Google Play. Which significantly reduces the risk of any suspicion if the user(…)

Level 1- Error while creating AVD (Unable to find a file for ABI armeabi)

An error occurs while¬†creating AVD for Android 4 & above – “Unable to find a file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder” For that all you need to do is the following Step 1) Open Eclipse and click on Run Configurations (pull down the arrow next to the Run or Debug(…)