Analysts: in 2012 for consumer electronics will spend a trillion dollars

According to analysts, in 2012, consumers will spend on consumer electronics over a trillion dollars. “This is about 3.5 billion potential customers who want to buy a TV, phone, or something else. The market tremendous opportunities. Similarly, we can not say when the market will be more than $ 2 trillion, but it will not leave much time(…)

Java Tutorials – Analysis & Design Phase

Analysis & Design There are five primary workflows in software development project: Requirement Capture, Analysis, Design, Implementation & Test.They are all important, however you must ensure that you schedule enough time for the analysis & design phases. During the analysis phase you define the what the system is suppose to accomplish. You do that by(…)

Skype: The Phantom Menace

Skype represents one of the most popular VoIP-programs installed on millions of computers around the world, whose owners do not even know what danger they face. And the danger they face a very serious: the leakage of confidential information to the penetration of worms and hit the traffic, not to mention such trifles as the(…)