The world’s first CPU of 5GHz

AMD has introduced the most powerful processor in the family of AMD FX and the world’s first commercially available CPU with a clock frequency of 5 GHz. Processor AMD FX-9590 with 8 cores provide high performance for gaming and multimedia applications on desktop computers. It is symbolic that his presentation was held at the conference(…)

Ctek AMD for Linux will be fully open

A week ago at a conference AMD Fusion Developer Summit was represented by a new open initiative Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, which consisted of AMD, ARM, Texas Instruments, MediaTek, and Imagination. The purpose of HSA Foundation – a unified, open industrial architecture for heterogeneous computing (CPU + GPU), heterogeneous processors that combine two or(…)

AMD Opteron 3200 chips for web hosting

AMD has introduced a new platform designed to create a server for web hosting, and uses the same pad.┬áThe task of the platform – to provide enhanced scalability, and improved energy efficiency in the desktop environment, and server-level reliability and security. The company says its chips AMD Opteron 3200 series can offer a 60% greater(…)

UEFI: a long-awaited successor to the BIOS and Linux sworn friend

To replace the old as the computer world, the BIOS comes something completely new called UEFI.Unfortunately, apart from the masses of useful innovations, UEFI will bring with it many problems.┬áThus, it is possible that in the next year to install some Linux distributions on the new computers will be simply impossible … Developed over thirty(…)