Adobe fixes two bugs in actively exploited Reader

Adobe has released updates to its Reader application and Acrobat, which eliminates two vulnerabilities exploited by hackers to take control of computers based on Windows. Software version 9.4.7 fixes two bug, spoiling the contents of memory. These bugs, according to Adobe, “actively exploited in the implementation of targeted attacks with limited objectives”, and carried out attacks(…)

CSS shaders contribute to data theft

Software developers from Google, Apple, Adobe, etc. struggling with the security risks that have risen due to the emerging graphics technology, which in its present form can jeopardize millions of users. “The technology, known as CSS shaders , is designed to display a variety of distortion effects such as vibration, ripples and wrinkles. It works by providing a(…)

Hackers use a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader

Adobe has today confirmed that the uncorrected zero-day vulnerabilities has been exploited by hackers. The objectives of these attacks can be defense contractors. Adobe has promised to fix the bug in versions of Reader and Acrobat 9 for Windows by the end of next week. On Tuesday, December 12, is also scheduled for the traditional Microsoft Patch(…)

U.S. Internet companies have opposed anti-piracy laws

In the U.S., several major Internet companies, including Google, Yahoo and Facebook, have announced their protest against the SOPA – American Law against online piracy, which would allow the authorities to deny access to sites with pirated content. They previously expressed its disapproval of these two bills, but now 9 giants in the face of(…)

Adobe cut 750 jobs

Company Adobe Systems announced a restructuring in which it is assumed to reduce 750 jobs, mainly in North America and Europe. Restructuring expected to cost about $ 87-94 million, mostly for compensation in connection with the dismissal of employees. Changes in the structure of the company will be mainly associated with redistribution of effort to develop(…)

Adobe spent 6000 man-hours testing each patch

Most of the time that Adobe is spending to close a 0-day vulnerabilities in popular applications of its Reader and Flash Player, is dedicated to make sure that the fixes will not cause catastrophic damage to the computers of end users, the head of the security company. “The last thing we wanted to see a(…)

Adobe has released an emergency patch for a critical bug in Flash

The company Adobe Systems has released an emergency update to its Flash Player. It eliminates a critical vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting to break into computers of end users. XSS, or cross-site scripting, “operated in practice in active targeted attacks designed to trick users into clicking on malicious link in the email message”, said on(…)

Adobe: Flash will thrive inspite of Windows 8

Adobe has stated that even though Microsoft’s decision to the lack of Flash support in the Metro-version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 8, it will continue the development of technology – a desktop version of the browser IE10 will continue to support Flash. In addition, the company reported that it is working on a version of(…)