Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader zero-day vulnerability

Popular Adobe Reader software was detected with a zero day vulnerability which allows you to execute arbitrary code on the target system. Reported by FireEye, who happened to encounter with an infected PDF-document capable of compromising computers based on Windows. When trying to open a malicious file, it is running two dll-libraries, one of which(…)

GFI Labs: Hackers use holiday to send spam

The researchers cite the example of a message that the recipient is notified of the false delivery of goods from the company Amazon. GFI Labs researchers are warning users of the Internet that New Year’s holidays attackers often spend spam attacks aimed at compromising vulnerable systems. For example, experts from leading spam message, in which(…)

Microsoft finally fixes Duqu-vulnerability

Microsoft released a security update that closes once and for all “nuclear” the vulnerability used by the notorious malware infection Duqu . Update the last Tuesday of patches includes 13 papers that address vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer. Three vulnerabilities have been assessed as having a “critical” risk, while the remaining 10 are classified as “important.”(…)