A clever strategy update will keep the serviceability of the system

It was a day that most system administrators would prefer to forget. Client Canadian security consultant David Lewis, founder of the Liquidmatrix Security Digest, has decided to release a patch for the product Symantec. Unfortunately, the company has not bothered to check the patch as necessary, and it has disabled its firewall. “Managing patches may seem(…)

Young users are going to extreme measures for access to Internet

According to study of the worldwide Cisco, 7 out of 10 young workers often ignore the politics of IT, and one of four becomes a victim of identity theft and 30 years. The study found a striking relationship to the IT policy and the growing threats to security that represents a new generation of workers(…)

British companies still ill-prepared for downtime and unexpected outages

British companies still ill-prepared for downtime and unexpected outages, said in ControlCircle. A recent survey of 100 presidents / chief operating officer / Heads of IT departments showed that although 90% have a strategy, only 46% checked and tested their business continuity procedures in the past 12 months. In 42%, or no strategy, or they are(…)

IT professionals cannot deny themselves the pleasure to delve into confidential information

Workers who provide IT security will be the most knowledgeable people on New Year corporate parties this year. Exactly 26% of them admitted that they use their positions to verify confidential information to which they generally should not have access. A recent study by Lieberman Software, associated with passwords, found that IT staff can not resist(…)

Creators of Duqu: professional coders, new to Linux

The worm Duqu, aimed at industrial facilities throughout the world, was created by well-funded team of competent coders, but the management server on Linux has led to some very curious errors. According to a report released Wednesday by researchers at the “Kaspersky Lab”, unknown attackers tried to hold a global purge of ten or more of the(…)

IPv6: time to act

If your strategy for IPv6 is that as long as possible to delay its implementation, you must still deal with safety issues related to IPv6, right now. If you’re going to use IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4, it also does not eliminate security problems. And if you think you can just disable IPv6, so too will(…)

The most popular activities prohibited for administrator

Despite the fact that 74% of IT professionals already abuse company systems, and could lose their jobs if the video recording proved their violations, 92% of respondents would not mind if they are watched over by monitoring tools. The reason is that almost half of them have to share user names and passwords for server(…)

Changes in the rules of firewalls lead to security vulnerabilities

According to Tufin, 75% of organizations believe that the existing change management processes can lead to security vulnerabilities. Survey of 100 security professionals directly involved in the audit process and management of the firewall, the researchers concluded that this year’s manual processes – and the time required to carry them out – the biggest problem facing(…)

Google introduced Chrome browser extension for remote management of PCs

Google unveiled recently an extension to the browser Chrome, which allows the owner of a PC to connect to and control another computer over a network. Expansion is the name of “Remote Desktop Chrome», is in beta testing and is based on the browser as opposed to traditional software for remote control . This software is actively(…)

IDC: IT security is good management, not the effectiveness of technology

IT Security in a filled more and more complex threats to environment should be more focused on management than on performance technology, said Eric Domedzh, project manager, IDC Europe. IT professionals need to stop buying security performance and go to the purchase and sale of business performance, he said at the IDC Security Conference 2011(…)