Phenomenon “! 1” on Google.com

If you specify a non-existent URL in the domain Google.com, then loaded the standard plug with error 404 “Page Not Found”. Since two years, Google has changed the design of this page, so now it looks that way.   All of these two years in the page header are exclamation points and in the phrase(…)

Apple is testing iPhone with A5X chip and 1 GB of RAM and runs on the new iPod touch

Just a few interesting rumors about future Apple products published on the site 9to5Mac. According to one of them, the company allegedly already started internal testing of a prototype next-generation iPhone, known under the code name of the iPhone 5 . Moreover, the “apple” smartphone, according to the irreducible data, is the owner of the(…)

Symantec: active botnet directs thousands of devices based on Android OS

Installation of malicious applications on the device makes it part of a botnet. Representatives of the company Symantec, found a Trojan application, aimed at Chinese users of mobile devices based on OS Android. Installation of malicious applications on the device makes it part of a botnet, under whose direction are already hundreds of thousands of mobile phones. Furthermore it(…)

Google is making some changes to the mechanism of its search engine

Google today announced a dozen new methods added to the search algorithm, which will allow the company to improve the quality of Internet search, on the other hand, tell site owners how to better optimize content to raise the performance of their web projects index search Google. According to the company embedded improvements include enhanced(…)