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Many sites run on servers that only administrators are ready PHP packages and other programs provided by the suppliers of the distribution of Linux or another operating system that runs on the server.

If you are using the latest version of the OS, which is still supported by the distribution of suppliers, may be a matter of days or weeks, until the revised version of PHP is available to them if they have not done it already available.

Although I am aware of this problem since Christmas, when PHP was fixed, I decided to wait until PHP 5.3.9 final version was made for this article. Despite many people knew about the vulnerability, at least since it would not be helpful to spread panic and talk more broadly about this issue until the final official version of PHP.

Now, when PHP 5.3.9 is available to all, that is responsible for the web servers need to update your version of PHP. If your distribution provider has not submitted a revised version, you can always demand a revised version now, especially if you’re paying for support.

If it takes a while to happen, or if for some reason you need to run an older version of PHP, which is not supported by your supplier, you still must have one solution.

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