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Just a few days ago it was reported there are serious “holes” in the Samsung Galaxy Note II, to access mobile applications by bypassing the lock gadget that allows for example to run any program or dial any phone number without the authorization of the owner. And now it turns out that a similar problem persists in more than one mobile device at Samsung, namely smartphone Galaxy S III , which allows attackers to gain access to user information.


In order to implement this exploit one only needs to perform some simple manipulations, including press the “emergency call” on the lock screen and go to the menu ICE (emergency contact) and then hold down the “home” button and press the key power. Pressing the last button, the locking system is turned off and opens access to data on the home screen. Moreover, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the lock is not returned to restart the gadget.

However, despite its apparent simplicity, journalists at Engadget only once out of many attempts failed to reproduce the exploit on the Samsung Galaxy S III which is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. And the hardest thing here – to guess the correct amount of time between when the “home” button and power button. Samsung promises to release a patch as soon as possible for this vulnerability.