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The manufacturer recommends to eliminate a temporary solution or wait for updated to a stable version of the product.

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) announced the existence of vulnerabilities in the server domain names BIND, can cause termination of the Response Policy Zone (RPZ).

ISC BIND allows DoS-attack

Vulnerability CVE-2012-5689 exists in the mechanism of conversion of A-records in AAA-record using the transformation rules in Response Policy Zone (RPZ) to A-records. Holes required for the operation of invited error approval via a specially crafted DNS query.

The manufacturer notes that the vulnerable are all versions of BIND, from 9.8.0 to 9.8.4-P1 and 9.9.0 to 9.9.2-P1.

To fix a vulnerability is recommended to install a temporary solution or wait for updates to the stable branch. Of alternative reliable methods address the vulnerability at the time of publication of news was not known.