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The program TapLogger allows you to record what virtual key user clicks on the touch screen phone.

Representatives from the State University of Pennsylvania in the United States in conjunction with programmers from IBM introduced a new pilot program for the operating system Android, which allows you to steal passwords and other sensitive information using the built-in motion sensor phones. It is reported by PCWorld. A new program allows you to record what the user presses on the virtual keys on the touch screen phone. The program is called TapLogger. It is able to capture accelerometer data and sensor orientation of the phone, and it allows access to all user input, without any request from the system. Currently accelerometer and orientation sensors are not included in the protection modules of operating system Android, which allows the use of any application, regardless of their privileges in the system. TapLogger monitors the user clicks on the touch screen in the background. The program is equipped with modules that enhance the recognition of depression. After installing the device TapLogger works in training mode and collects data on the user presses the phone and reactions to them in order to understand the principles of the sensor and the clicks. Because of the program can steal user data without their knowledge.