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Researchers believe that attackers have paid the developer for creating a private version of the famous Trojan.

According to the company’s senior researcher Don Jackson Dell SecureWorks (Don Jackson), a trojan«Gameover», created from source Zeus, is only a preliminary version of an even more dangerous virus.

«Gameover is the latest and the best package of source code from the author of Zeus», – said Jackson. “The new possibilities provided by GameOver, will be fully implemented in the final third version of the Trojan Zeus, who is currently in beta,” – said the expert.

Recall that for about two weeks ago, the FBI warned of a growing U.S. distributors trojan activity GameOver.Among other things, the experts was recorded wave of infected spam emails.Law enforcement officials also noted that this Trojan as Zeus is to steal money and bank details.

According to Jackson, GameOver is the most dangerous of the currently known banking Trojans, since it was created under the order and its developers have impressive facilities. “By Zeus has about three or four large customers” – said the researcher, and noted that the recently discovered trojan is likely a result of an expensive private ordering.

Among the innovations presented in the GameOver, noted scholar of the virus to carry out complex web-injections, which can circumvent mechanisms of multi-factor authentication. In addition, the Trojan has been added functionality necessary for DDoS-attacks, cybercriminals are using to stretch the time between the commission of theft and its discovery specialists.

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