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In some hacker forums Zeus Trojan buyers have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that the developers stopped supporting the product frost correct holes found in botnets. To help frustrated users are ready to come to the authors of a new variant called Zues Citadel. They position it not just as a Trojan and botnet, and a full-service tech support, bug reports, the system of tickets, a social network and tracking activity Frendo. In addition, criminals can vote here to decide what new features are needed for the next version of the product, writes Brian Krebs.


Developers Citadel vengeance advertised on the forums. They explain that even the best product turns into a bunch of garbage on your hard drive if you do not have good support. This situation is not uncommon with the developers of the popular botnets, which themselves have very high qualifications, but littered with lots of demands and proposals of the army of users.

This is all understandable, but the social platform for customer-hackers – it’s something new in the underground. There has never been anything like the Citadel CRM Store, built on the model of the best systems support for ordinary commercial products:

  • bug reports and technical support;
  • requests to create additional modules and applications (public or private inquiries);
  • vote for new ideas and offer their price for the development / improvement of the new module, the possibility of partial credit for the motivation of developers;
  • opportunity to comment on any application and send a private message to another member of the social network;
  • monitoring of all stages of developing a new module, the developers update the current status and time remaining until the end of the development;
  • jabber-friendly notifications on new users and fresh messages, or new modules / applications.

Apparently, Citadel – the best fork since the leak of code Zeus in April last year. The developers claim that this time they have fixed many bugs in the latest version of Zeus, including obtaining information from victims, using the browser Google Chrome.In addition, an optional component is made to record and send video all the action from the user’s screen. Added as an option for self-destruction of the Trojan, if an infected user is working with Russian or Ukrainian keyboard layout.

The basic package of Citadel (constructor bot and botnet control panel) retails for $ 2399 plus $ 125 monthly “lease”, but the most innovative modules are sold separately. For example, $ 395 is a module that allows you to subscribe to automatic updates of software to quickly bypass the latest virus definition updates. Updates are distributed to jabber, and each additional update costs $ 15. By paying this amount, you can guarantee that after the recent anti-virus trojan on the user’s computer is able to update faster than the user updates the antivirus database.

Well, with such a professional approach to business Citadel can be a bestseller.