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In documents Snowden mentioned the names of a number of secret NSA programs for tapping the traffic and so on. Objectives of some of these programs (both PRISM) are clear, while others remain unknown. In particular, the slides were the names NUCLEON, MARINA and MAINWAY. What it is, no one knows. But we can make a search in the public domain for those keywords.

For example, a specialist in information security Christopher Soghoyan found aprofile on the social network LinkedIn , where a specialist in radio-electronic reconnaissance Jason Miller lists the skills to work with a variety of “tools and resources”, including ANCHORY, AMHS, NUCLEON, TRAFFICTHIEF, ARCMAP, SIGNAV, COASTLINE , DISHFIRE, FASTSCOPE, OCTAVE / CONTRAOCTAVE, PINWALE, UTT, WEBCANDID, MICHIGAN, PLUS, ASSOCIATION, MAINWAY, FASCIA, OCTSKYWARD, INTELINK, METRICS, BANYAN, MARINA.

If this information is true, then the names of programs like TRAFFICTHIEF speak for themselves.

Can profile “spy” and dubious, but the program ANCHORY, as it turned out, actually exist in reality. At least it existed in the early 90’s. In response to an information request under the Freedom of Information Act (Freedom of Information Act), expelled the NSA program specifications ANCHORY of 1993 ( mirror ), which is now officially declassified almost completely.

Turns out, it was a text database, which stores all the reports NSA, CIA, State Department, Cryptologic Intelligence reports and other documents that are available for full-text keyword search 24 hours a day.