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Thirty years of running the Internet as the current system is celebrated in the United States. One of its creators, Vinton Cerf, from January 1, 1983 all of the computers that were part of a network of ARPANET / network DARPA Pentagon – translated into protocols TCP / IP / Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol – “Transmission Control Protocol” and “Internet Protocol” /. They were originally used in two networks funded by the same agency – mobile radio and satellite communications. Thus, all three networks were integrated into the system, which uses a common standard routing of data packets.


This has become the operational birthday of internet. Specialist consciously emphasizes on this event on its applied aspect. In 1973, Cerf, along with his co-author, Robert Kahn wrote and presented the first theoretical work on how to establish interconnection communication in virtual space. Thus, in the coming new year, ” we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of preliminary design of the Internet”, – he said.

American makers of Internet protocols originally dreamed of having their offspring became the international standard so insisted on the open publication of their developments even in the height of the “Cold War.” But guarantees success with them, of course, was not, and retroactively Surf wonders “how quickly the Internet was” picked up “and received international distribution.”

“Perhaps the most that amazes me is the amount of information that people are willing to share on the network without any benefit to themselves – just based on the understanding that this information may be useful to someone else,” – said one of the “founding fathers” of the network . “An avalanche of information”, according to him, has stimulated the creation of mass computer applications, including “search engines” and browsers, and eventually has led to the existence of the “World Wide Web”, a concept proposed by Briton’s Tim Berners-Lee.

Now, according to Cerf, three billion of the approximately seven billion humans have internet access. But the “web” is not covered by all the States, and the speed of the network is poor in some places. So specialist working now as “chief Internet evangelist” of Google, believes that the Minister had no end ahead.

Of course, the other person is in favor of the development of the network to continue to be completely free and open. He does not deny that the resources of the Internet can be used for good or for evil, but warned that the “medicine” against it is in the form of stricter national controls over access to the internet, content and use of network resources can be “worse than the disease.” In the view of Cerf, transmission network management contract of an international organization would be counterproductive, because, for example, would deprive any real say in the decision-making from “technical community, the private sector and civil society.”

While maintaining the current open regime, technical obstacles exist for the further development of the Internet, Cerf sees. He recalled that last year was launched the sixth version of the Internet Protocol, which is the expansion of top-level domains, which began to be used in the domains of non-Latin characters and symbols. Very promising is the technology “open flow”, allowing the use of not only traditional network addresses and other mechanisms of “traffic management” of the data, including the content of information.

Technological progress makes the Internet more and more a part of everyday life. Cerf recalled in this context, a “strong synergy” of mobile and networking technologies, the “e-books”, which in terms of sales already exceed the usual, the presentation in one of the residential areas of Kansas City, “Gigabit” by Google, which has given ordinary people Internet at speeds previously available only academic researchers.

Those, too, is not standing still. Told specialist in 1998 in one of the laboratories of NASA launched a project “to spread the use of the Internet to the entire solar system.” The meaning of it is to enter the standard data transfer protocols in space, thus making possible the relationship between various devices and thus facilitate the implementation of the “manned and robotic program to explore outer space.”

In particular, according to Cerf, thanks to this project, some vehicles directed primarily to Mars to map the surface of the planet, after the main task were converted to satellites and now relay to Earth information received from the probes, including the Mars rover “Kyuriositi.” That is essentially Internet protocols already used for “interplanetary communications.”

With all that thirtieth anniversary of its creation by its own creator is really not going to celebrate. “I have not heard of any major celebrations were planned – admitted Cerf. Personally, for myself, I also do not plan anything. Probably going to sit on the network, like any user, like any other day.”