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U.S. intelligence agencies continue to look for the culprit in the declassification of classified cyber operations to introduce the Stuxnet worm in Iran’s computer systems.

Details about the operation “Olympic Games” were published in NY Times June 1, 2012 . The article describes how the meeting took place with President Obama, which report in detail on the implementation of Stuxnet. The President kept his finger on the pulse, he reported on the progress and he approved each new stage. The first version of Stuxnet was written still under former President George W. Bush, the U.S. experts in close cooperation with the Israeli army. The program has had a specific goal: to search centrifuges Siemens P-1, which are used for the enrichment of nuclear fuel, and physically disable them. It was carried out by a sudden decrease or increase the speed of centrifuges, so that they eventually broke.As reported, the operation was a success: the number of centrifuges to enrich uranium temporarily decreased from 5000 to 4000, and Iran’s nuclear program stalled for a year or two. The authors of the Stuxnet managed to cover their tracks, so that Iranian experts blamed the incident on mechanical equipment problems.

Operation “Olympic Games” – the first time that the U.S. deliberately broke the infrastructure of another country using cyber weapons.


A year after the leak is still unclear who gave her a well-known journalist David Sanger in such detail. Limited circle of persons knowledgeable senior officials army intelligence and the presidential administration, who participated in the meetings described.

Of course, the investigation into the incident began immediately after publication in the NY Times, and the FBI has been mandated to examine the highest officials, up to the ministers. In July 2013 the investigators finally have the first suspect. As reported NBC News, citing its sources, the U.S. Justice Department has sent a formal notice of initiation of an investigation, retired Gen. James Cartwright (James Cartwright). Now detectives are officially learn his phone calls, SMS and e-mails over the past year.

James Cartwright in 2007-2011, he served as vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that is, was the second-ranking officer in the main governing body of the U.S. armed forces and had the status of the Presidential Adviser on Security. He resigned in August 2011.

63-year-old retired general may become the next victim of anti-spyware law Espionage Act. During the reign of Obama on the law “processed” eight people.President a year ago officially announced that the perpetrators of such leaks should be punished without leniency (“zero tolerance”).

The administration of President James Cartwright, have so far refrained from commenting.