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Site work has slowed down in NYSE twice at noon this Monday. It was at this time in the schedule of Anonymous DDoS attack was part of the site.

But the attack was weak and kept only part of the group. This reflects the confusion that reigns in the organization, in which, as they say, there is no central structure.

“We measured the operation of the site in 10 American cities, and all our show retardation at 14:30” – said Daniel S. Berkowitz, a spokesman for Keynote Systems of San Mateo, California.

Berkowitz said that the work site of the New York Stock Exchange is so slowed down between 14:30 and 15:00 Pacific time, that “it has become unavailable or unusable for most users.” Keynote company also was able to observe extreme slow-down in 12:30, which lasted only one minute. It was at this time, the group Anonymous gathered to attack.

“The slowdown has not affected the sale, only for the opportunity to go to the home page NYSE”, – said Berkowitz.

In Keynote, said that it is not clear whether the slowdown resulting DDoS attacks.

Some members of the group Anonymous claimed that the announcement of the operation “Operation Invade Wall Street”, in which the group threatened to attack the site of the exchange, it was a fake.”This is a dummy operation by law enforcement officials and agencies to combat cyber-crimes, aimed at undermining the Occupy Wall Street in the public eye,” – said representatives of the groups was reported in the fourth Pastebin October.

Another part of the group on Monday said that the announcement was part of their “scare tactics” aimed at then, to lull the vigilance of the media and the government before the actual attack. If we believe the third part of the group, the attack was real. “While most of us do not want to attack occurred, some participants Anonymous after all it will make,” – said in comments to a video ad on YouTube.

Movement Occupy Wall Street, which supports the group Anonymous, protests against economic inequality and greed of business and the U.S. financial sector.

The Exchange does not give any comment, but according to some reports, the representative of NYSE Euronext, the owner of the exchange, said that any interruption in the site was not.