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Last week in the UK ended the trial of four young boys, three of whom are considered key players in the famous hacker group LulzSec. Previously convicted of two more, including the informal leader Sabu, who for many months was working as an FBI informant . At the same time, law enforcement agencies simply can not get on the trail of the last of the six members of the hacker group, which is known by the nickname Avunit. His twitter longer be updated in October 2012, and the attacker disappeared.


The existence of Avunit is know from IRC-chat logs, which has negotiations between members of the group. The experts expressed surprise that one of the participants of LulzSec managed to disappear and keep his identity a secret, despite the arrest and the testimony of his colleagues, and given the fact that Sabu’s cooperation with the FBI for several months. “We have no idea who is this Avunit. We have no information about his identity. We do not even know what it is with the continent”- says a leading security expert Mikko Hypponen of company F-Secure. Intrigue adds that besides Avunit’s disappearance without a trace more and bitcoin-wallet, which listed the donations to LulzSec. It is estimated that there should be about 3,000 Bitcoins. Probably the hacker has enough knowledge to wash Bitcoins unnoticed by security services, with Tor and disposable purses, so that he can continue to remain anonymous.