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According to Sophos, the virus as well as Sabpab Flashback to spread exploits the CVE-2012-0507.

Sophos has reported the appearance of a new Trojan horse for Mac OS X called Sabpab. This program is a Trojan for the normal transmission system usually does not require any action by the user.

In a set of tools for the dissemination of malware is to exploit the same vulnerability in Java, which makes extensive use of the virus Flashback (CVE-2012-0507). Recall that as of April 4 this year in the Flashback botnets included more than 550,000 devices based on the operating system Mac OS X. Subsequently, a number of manufacturers of anti-virus solutions, as well as the company Apple released a tool for removing malware.

Virus Sabpab, as well as its more popular predecessor, also connects to the management server via HTTP protocol. The program sends a C & C servers information about the infected machine and gets the team into action. According to Sophos virus creates two files in the directory / Users // Library / Preferences /.

Experts believe that Sabpab is not as widespread as the Flashback, but its existence points to the need to protect computer-based Mac from viruses by means of specialized programs that are updated in a timely manner. Also at the forefront once again put to timely update the software every day to reduce the number of vulnerabilities that can exploit the.

Notification by Sophos can be found here.