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As stated company Prolexic Technologies, the number of transmitted packets in 1 second (PPS) increased four-fold compared with the third quarter of 2010, so we are seeing a significant increase in all kinds of DDoS-attacks in the past 12 months.

Of the total of approximately 24% of attacks are attacks SYN flood, 22% – ICMP flood, and 19% – UDP flood, which means a change in the tactics of attack.

The prevalence of SYN flood, and an increase in PPS said that there was a change in strategy – attack became less complex, but extremely dangerous.

Highlights from the report:

  • Attack the network layer (layer 3) are the most common – 83% of total attacks, 17% of attacks (Level 7) is in the application.
  • The average duration of attacks was 1.4 days, and the average traffic speed – 1.5 gigabits / sec.
  • Most attacks occurred between 19 and 25 August.
  • The attacks were carried out in countries such as China, India and Turkey. 55% IP-addresses were Chinese.
  • Online gambling were the most frequently attacked area with an average speed of traffic at 1.3 Gb / s and a duration of 1.2 days.

Paul Sop, CTO of Prolexic, commented: “Online retailers are under tremendous risk at the end of this year, even with programs that prevent DDoS. The bottom line is that providers offer only to prevent automatic key mitigating features and compete only against certain types of attacks because they do not have sufficient infrastructure to deal with the PPS “.