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Programmers (developers?) Like to consider themselves to be creative, but engineers have decades earlier, and allow themselves such they could not. Modern creative developers have even invented a very interesting and creative way to solve complex problems – delegating their mind’s assistant, a  yellow rubber ducky from the bathroom. So does the book advises, “The programmer progmatik.” It seems that way is to try everything.

Let me quote Wikipedia:

The method consists in the fact that the test sets (or is) on the desktop toy duck, and when he raises the question that is difficult to answer, he asks the a toy, if it can really answer. It is believed that the correct wording of the question contains half the answer.

The method is also used for debugging. If a certain part of the program is not working, the programmer is trying to explain the duckling, which makes every line of code, and in the process finds the inconsistencies of syntax.

Share your thoughts with rubber duck can be an artist, photographer and blogger, and even a journalist. Just do not forget to take with you to work and travel in another helper.