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Two weeks ago Sven Olaf Kamfius (Sven Olaf Kamphuis) was arrested in Spain, of the company Cyberbunker. He was taken to the Netherlands, where he was held in court.

Most likely, the lawsuit was filed against Kamfiusa antispam company Spamhaus – a recent victim of DDoS-attacks with the capacity of 300 Gbit/s, which was also called “the biggest attack in the history of the Internet.” As reported by the NY Times, that the attack “almost broke the Internet” , destabilizing the work of several exchange points.

Sven Olaf Kamfius is considered the prime suspect in the organization of DDoS-attacks. Shortly before the incident, Spamhaus blocked for spamming IP-addresses of both his companies – CB3ROB ISP and Web Hosting Cyberbunker, which is located in the old NATO nuclear bunker near Rotterdam in 1955.

Sven Olaf Kamphuis

It is known that the company has established CB3ROB DNS-server with a fake entry for one or more IP-addresses of Spamhaus, disabling the antispam service for many customers. At least one incident of this can already be the grounds for a criminal case.

In an interview with the Daily Beast Sven Olaf Kamfius said, “is the organizers of the attack, even though he has nothing to do with it.” According to him, the action was organized by his supporters, “unjustly offended” by the anti-spam service Spamhaus and united to repel a group Stophaus. He also argued that “there are other hackers and perhaps even the government, who would like to continue the offensive.”

Spanish police detained him in a rented apartment in the city Gronolers (Granollers), in 15 kilometers from Barcelona. 35-year-old computer technician took a small apartment in a narrow street. According to the police, he was not hiding and did not behave like a fugitive. In particular, he wrote his name on the mailbox and placed near the house bright orange minibus Mercedes, which immediately became a local landmark. Dutchman engaged in a conversation with the locals, all questions answered “yes, yes”.

When the police broke into the apartment of Kamfiusa, they saw a room crammed with computers and wires. At the owner’s bed lay dismantled Neal Stephenson’s book “Quicksilver” – the first volume of the cult “Baroque Cycle”.

According to police, during the arrest, the suspect behaved calmly. Moreover, he immediately announced his diplomatic status, says Spanish police officer, who asked not to be named: “He said he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Telecommunications of a place called Republic Kiberbunker. Not like he was joking.”