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The lawyer said Microsoft, on the sites of the corporation could not be posted insulting content, because it only deals with developing and selling software.

The Supreme Court of India dismissed the case against Microsoft, which was accused of placing inappropriate content on Web sites corporation reports the BBC.

Note that Microsoft is one of 21 companies, including Facebook and Yahoo, accused of placing materials, which can lead to religious riots in the country.

Recall that the trial associated with the complaint of the journalist Vinay Rai, who argued that companies working with the web-content, should be prosecuted on charges of conspiracy, defamation, promoting enmity between different religious and racial groups, and distribution of obscene material.

Counsel, which protects the interests of Microsoft in court, said the sites could not be posted Corporation offending content, because the corporation is engaged only in the development and sale of software products and solutions, and its site is not a platform for communication between people.

According to the judge, journalist Ray Vinay may file a second complaint, if he can provide the court with other credible evidence.

Recall that the Court of India has threatened to block sites that are not placed to deal with them offensive content. In January 2012 the Supreme Court of India has warned local representative offices of Google and Facebook, that access to their sites will be blocked if they are not designed to have a special mechanism that checks and removes unwanted material from web-pages. Later, representatives of Facebook and Google reported that they had complied with instructions of the court, and removed the unwanted material.