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Virus blocking startup of the operating system on the victim’s computer.


Symantec has detected a new Trojan Online extortionists, which blocks the computers of its victims. Computers are infected in a number of ways, particularly when the user visits malicious sites, passing over unreliable links and clicks on advertising banners and after installing software from unknown sources.

After infecting the target system, the trojan blocks access to Task Manager, and makes changes to the master boot record, so that the operating system installed on a victim’s computer does not start.

In addition, the program gives the user a message purporting to be from the government or law enforcement officials that the computer has illegal files.

The program then gives the user a notification of the need to make a payment in order to unlock the computer. Redemption amount varies from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. Payment is requested anonymously through the Internet and by sending SMS-message to a premium number.

According to Symantec, there is no guarantee that after you make the payment, your computer will be unlocked.

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