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Employee in the IT-department for several years carried out the building of NDB sensitive data on a personal hard drive.

According to Reuters, the Swiss authorities have warned the intelligence in the U.S. and the UK of serious data breaches, which were stolen by the former member of the intelligence services of the country (Nachrichtendienst des Bundes, NDB).

IT-specialist NDB, has worked in the service of the order of 8 years, systematically classified information copied to the hard disk, which he carried out of the building in a backpack. Thus, in total, a few terabytes of stolen data storage media were found after a search of his home.

According to the authorities, they were able to detain the suspect employee NDB before he was able to sell the stolen data. Thus accurately determine the safety of the information is impossible, so the leak had been CIA and MI6 have been warned, which exchanged secret data with Switzerland related to counter terrorism.

Swiss intelligence officer, whose name was not released, was arrested in the summer of this year. Later, he was released from custody, but the investigation of the criminal case is not closed. According to investigators, the suspect his action would cause other people to be with his opinion.